Learning Accents for Actors

Acting with an Accent is not just imitation or isolated pronunciation drills. It is Dr. David Alan Stern’s acclaimed, innovative method for learning an accent’s voice placement, inflections, and pronunciation.

Learn to Act with Accents and Dialects

In 1979 Dr. Stern created the first Acting with an Accent audios, triggering a paradigm shift in accent learning. This fun and easy method was groundbreaking for actors who struggled with imitation or isolated pronunciation drills. It’s been used in over 1000 college theatre programs and by professional actors around the world.

The Entire World-View from Space

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Learning American Regional Accents-Mount Rushmore

Learning American Regional Accents

Includes: American Southern & Texas, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Down East New England, Kennedy Family, and Mid-West Farm Belt

Learn British Isles Accents-Westminster

Learning British Isles & Aussie Accents

Includes: English Received (RP), Cockney,
North of England, Irish, Scottish, Australian

Learn Eight European Accents-Hillside Homes

Learning European and Latinx Accents

Includes: Spanish (& Latinx), Italian, French, German, Russian, Yiddish, Polish, and Norwegian/Swedish

Learning Caribbean MidEast African Accents-Beach

Learning Middle Eastern, African, and Caribbean Accents

Includes: Arabic, Farsi (Persian/Iranian), and West Indian & African

American Accent for Brits Canadians-Flags

Learning General American Accent for English and Canadian Actors

Includes: “American Accent for Canadian Actors” and “American Accent for English Actors”

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Each downloadable audio first teaches the Intonation (Music) and Resonance (Voice Placement) of the new accent. It then helps you generate the new Pronunciations out of those two features. This groundbreaking method influenced many of the accent-learning programs that followed it. So, whether you have an accent audition tomorrow or want to increase your dialect skills, try Acting with an Accent.