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Learning Accents and Dialects for Acting

In 1979, Dr. David Alan Stern created the first Acting with an Accent audios, triggering a paradigm shift
in accent learning/dialect coaching. With his acclaimed technique, you first learn an accents voice placement
and intonation; then you learn and generate new pronunciations out of those two traits.

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Each downloadable audio first teaches the target Accent’s Intonation (Music) and Resonance (Voice Placement). It then helps you generate the new Pronunciations out of those two features. This groundbreaking method for learning accents influenced many of the programs that followed it. So, whether you have an accent an audition or a callback tomorrow or want to improve your dialect skills, try Acting with an Accent.

Dialect coach David Alan Stern’s fun, easy method was a breakthrough for actors who struggled with imitation and isolated pronunciation drills. His innovative approach teaches an accent’s voice placement and inflections before addressing pronunciation. It is used in over 1000 college theatre programs and by professional actors around the world.

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