Refund Policy

Inability to Use/Play Your Audio Purchase

If you make a purchase of one of our downloadable audio-instruction programs through the, LLC website and, after following our written instructions and contacting us for guidance, you are unable to download the files or extract them in a usable form, we will happily provide you with a full refund. If one or more of the audio files in one or more of your purchases are defective and will not play on any of your devices, please provide us at with the name of the product(s) and the defective track numbers, and we will send you replacement for those specific files.

Refunds for Other Reasons

The question of providing refunds for downloaded audio, video, or text files (for a reason other than defects or non-deliverability) is a difficult one for sellers. For all intents and purposes, the digital files are not returnable; customers still have access to them after a refund is provided. As such, we are only able to provide a refund to any given customer once—for a single product—for reasons of dissatisfaction ( This offer does not apply to single purchases of the two discounted bundled products, i.e., All 8 Speaking without an Accent Programs or All 24 Acting with an Accent Patterns.