ACTING WITH AN ACCENT: All Seven American-Regional Accents


Discounted Package of all seven of David Alan Stern’s Acting with an Accent audio programs for learning American Regional accents.


Discount Package: Learning American Regional Accents


Discount Bundle: Purchase all seven of D.A. Stern’s audios for learning American accents in this discount package. The bundle includes the urban accents of New York City, Chicago, and Boston. It continues with two other New England styles—Down East and “Kennedy Family.” It also gives you programs for Farm-Belt speech and another for a wide range of American Southern and Texas accents. Each of the seven folders contains the MP3 sound files for that accent’s lessons and a PDF drill manual.


Every Acting with an Accent program teaches you the target accent’s resonance or voice placement. For many of the accents, you will also learn the pattern’s inflections or speech rhythm. Only then will you begin to embed the accent’s unique pronunciations into these other factors. Find links to detailed descriptions of each product by CLICKING TO this page and then clicking the images.

The seven downloads separately
This bundled package