Interviews with David

VOICE POWER with Earl Thomas (“The Voice”)
–The Joy of Accents with David Alan Stern

CLICK TO LISTEN to one of North American’s most respected voice-over artists and podcasters interview David about his approach to accent training and his many years coaching stars in Hollywood film and TV productions.

Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Virtual Seminar Grove
–David Alan Stern on “Shakespeare Original Pronunciation”

CLICK TO WATCH as David speaks about EARLY MODERN ENGLISH (the Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare’s theatre). Executive Producer Frank Mack and Education Director Michael Bahr host the session in which David demonstrates the sound of the OP accent, discusses the linguists and artists who reconstructed and revived it as a performance medium, and explains his own interest and involvement in OP performance.

Talk of the Nation (NPR): Accentuating Accents-The Linguistic Hierarchy

CLICK TO LISTEN to Neal Conan’s interview with David and linguist Dennis Preston. (David enters at 8:35 of clip.) In the hierarchy of foreign and domestic accents, where does your accent fit in? A discussion of which accents came out on top in a ranking of favorites, and how different accents are perceived.

In a Manner of Speaking: Episode 13 (Releasing the Power of Text)

CLICK TO LISTEN as David joins Paul Meier to discuss the language arts as they impact the spoken word in all its manifestations. They also delve into topics such as eloquence, emphasis, public speaking, oratory, recitation, rhetorical skills, verse speaking, and vocal variety.

Inspiring Teachers Podcast: Episode 30

CLICK TO WATCH David discussing his career and accent-teaching methods on the podcast Inspiring Teachers with Danny Hauger.