Learning European & Latinx Accents

These eight Acting with an Accent audio downloads are for learning European (and Latinx) accents. In each, David first gives you systematic lessons in the resonance (voice placement), musicality (intonation, inflection, rhythm). Then, he shows you how to use those two traits to help produce the unique pronunciations of the following patterns.

Download audios for learning the accents of
eight European Languages

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In many English-language scripts, there are characters who come from other countries and are speakers of different languages. Many such characters are from Europe. Therefore, you should have speech skills allowing you to audition for and play characters with the accents of European languages. So, use these eight programs to learn several accents from Romance and Slavic language groups and others of Germanic and Nordic languages.

What is your teacher’s background?

David Alan Stern received a BFA in Theatre/Performance from the University of Connecticut and a PhD in Speech from Temple University. He taught at both Wichita State and Penn State before founding Dialect Accent Specialists in Los Angeles. He worked there for twelve years as a dialect/accent and text coach for professional actors. David then returned to UCONN as Professor of Dramatic Arts. During his 25 years there, he continued with periodic industry work while producing and revising his training audios.

Among the many actors David has helped to prepare film roles are Vincent Tycer (Chappaquiddick), Geena Davis (The Accidental Tourist), Olympia Dukakis (Steel Magnolias), Forest Whitaker (Bird and The Crying Game), and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). Among those he hashelped with stage roles are Terrence Mann (My Fair Lady and Sweeney Todd), Lynn Redgrave (Sweet Sue), and Pat Sajak & Joe Moore (Dial M for Murder). David was also Resident Dialect Coach for the Berkshire Theatre Group in Massachusetts for 17 years.