American Regional Accent Reduction | Fun, Low-Cost Audios by Renowned Coach, Dr. David Alan Stern

David’s method to Reduce American Regional Accents does not rely primarily on imitation or pronunciation drills. Instead, this fun and effective approach is based on his accent-learning techniques for actors. Firstly, it teaches the General American accent’s voice placement and intonation. Then, it helps you create target non-regional pronunciations as extensions of these overall speech traits.

Audio Downloads to Reduce American Regional Accents

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Why Regional Accent Reduction?

There’s nothing wrong with having an American regionalism. First, the USA would be a very boring place if everyone spoke English exactly the same way. In fact, David has spent 40+ years teaching actors to PUT ON accents of different regions, countries, and languages. However, he’s also taught regional speakers General American “AS A SECOND ACCENT” for acting, broadcasting, and other professional purposes.

Is your goal to audition for more and different roles? Or, do you hope to modify or reduce a regional accent in business or professional situations? The answer to both is renowned voice and speech trainer Dr. David Alan Stern’s accent-reduction technique. Above all, you can have instant access to the Non-Regional American accent by downloading his fun, low-cost audios.