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Learn or Reduce Accents with
David Alan Stern, Acclaimed Dialect Coach
| Training Audios | Live Coaching |

Dr. David Alan Stern first taught actors and others to learn or reduce accents and improve general voice & speech skills in 1976. Then, from 1980 to 1992, he was one of Hollywood’s most respected Dialect Coaches. His students ranged from unknowns to mega-stars—from new arrivals to Oscar and Emmy winners. CLICK TO read David’s bio.  

Scroll down & instantly download programs for accent-learning, accent-reduction & speech-improvement at remarkably low prices.

The earliest editions of the Acting with an Accent audios appeared in 1979. Then, David’s programs for reducing accents came out in 1982. His pioneering techniques soon revolutionized accent learning and influenced many of the authors and dialect coaches who followed.


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David Alan Stern’s Audio Downloads:
| Accent Learning | Accent Reduction | Speech Improvement |

Learning Accents-Hollywood Sign

Learn Accents of the US, UK, Europe, and More

Download the acclaimed Acting with an Accent audios quickly and inexpensively.

Reducing Regional Accents-Broadway Lights

Reduce American Regional Accents

Learn Non-Regional American as a second accent for artistic or professional reasons.

Reduce Foreign Language Accents-Statue Liberty

Reduce the Accents of Other Languages

Reduce or modify a “Foreign-Language Accent” for performing or professional speaking.

improve your voice speech-microphone

Improve your Speaking Voice and Diction Quality

Improve your voice quality and project more clearly without vocal strain
or hoarseness.

* This website sells only downloads of MP3 and PDF files. Download links (active for 5 days) are delivered on screen and in emails upon payment approval. If you require hard-copy CDs, CLICK FOR Prices & Order Information.

CLICK TO WATCH DAVID discussing his career and teaching methods on the podcast Inspiring Teachers with Danny Hauger.

David Alan Stern’s Other Services:
| Skype Lessons | Production Coaching | Campus Residencies |

Learn Accents via Skype-DAS Coaching
DAS coaching Richard R. Henry as Alfred Doolittle

Skype or Zoom Lessons with David Alan Stern

Schedule personal, one-on-one online Lessons with David.

Production Coaching-DAS on Stage
DAS “Rocking the Boat”

Production Coaching for Theatre/Film/TV

Acquire David’s services as a rehearsal/production coach for stage, film, and television.

Campus Residencies-DAS & Alex Page
DAS coaching Alix Page as Eliza Doolittle

Campus Workshops & Residencies

Engage David for College Residencies: coaching shows or teaching workshops/mini-courses.

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