All Three ACCENT-REDUCTION Downloads


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School Break
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A Discounted Bundle: all three of D.A. Stern’s products for Learning an American Accent

* 8-Hour Audio Course 
* One-Hour Video Supplement 
* Teacher’s Manual (text)



Discounted Accent-Reduction Package for
Learning & Teaching an American Accent

This bundle provides a substantial discount for downloading all three Accent-Reduction products for learning the General American accent. The package includes:

  1. The Sound & Style of American English
    The complete course (8 hours of audio lessons and manual)
  2. Breaking the Accent Barrier
    60-minute video supplement to Sound & Style
  3. Techniques for Teaching an American-English Accent
    Teacher’s Manual & Lesson Plans for using the Sound & Style technique in courses, units, and private lessons

All three purchased individually
The discounted bundle: $42 with Coupon Code: School Break