THE SPEAKER’S VOICE: A Course in Aesthetic Voice Improvement


Improving the sound and power of your speaking voice with Dr. David Alan Stern’s acclaimed 4-hour audio course.

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Improve Your Speaking Voice


David’s method for improving the speaking voice combines artistically and scientifically based exercises. It coordinates adjustments in breathing, throat relaxation, mouth posture, and tongue position.  Due to this, you achieve a richer and more resonant voice you can project without tension or discomfort.


  • Unit 1 provides exercises for reducing muscular tension in your throat and mouth and also in other related muscle groups.
  • The 2nd Unit teaches what I call “abdominally controlled breathing.” This is a technique of inhaling and exhaling that you can more easily coordinate with throat relaxation during speech.
  • Unit 3 first leads you through exercises for starting and sustaining vocal sound without tension in or around your larynx. It goes on to apply this coordination of breath support and throat relaxation to connected speech. Finally, it helps you find the best pitch range for your speaking voice and use pitch variation during speech.
  • The Final Unit helps you enhance your vocal resonance by adjusting your mouth opening and tongue position. The last exercises build on these adjustments to increase the clarity and energy of your articulation.