Students in High School or College Courses

Dialect Accent Specialists, Inc. (aka offers very liberal discount prices to schools/teachers wishing to make the content of our digital audio products available to students enrolled in courses or performing in plays in which accent learning or accent reduction is required.


  1. Teachers purchasing the materials exclusively for their own study and preparation to teach need pay only the retail prices for downloads (or whatever sale is being offered through the com website at the time of purchase).


  1. If you would like students to possess their own copies of the products’ sound and text files, we are happy to arrange substantial discounts. The price schedule that follows refers to individual accent or accent-reduction titles (as opposed to full sets of the Acting with… or Speaking without… products). Within any give purchase order:

- 2 products (of the same or different titles): 30% discount
- from 3 to 8 products:                               40% discount
- from 9-15 products:                                45% discount
- from 16-25 products:                               50% discount
- 26 or more products:                               55% discount


To arrange billing and delivery/distribution of the discounted files, please call Peggy Voakes at (800) 753-1016 or provide us with your contact information by following this link to our web e-mail system.