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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you, Dr. Stern, for making a difference. Sixteen years ago, I called and you generously spoke with me. Since then, I have tried to learn what you taught and recommended to family members. We are grateful for your work.
   — Kim H., TX

I am a 14-year-old drama student. I have never really found myself to have a natural "ear" for accents. Our drama teacher has lent me your Standard British program for a part in C.S. Lewis' 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.' I must tell you that I found it to work greatly. Thank you again for producing such a helpful accent-coaching system!!
   — Louie G., MO

I bought a bunch of CDs (German.) Everyone loves them and I've actually had German people who were convinced that I was from Germany, coming up and hugging me - 'Oh, you are from Germany, too.' No, I'm from Texas.
   — Vickie F., CA

I needed a German accent and I couldn't get that off-hand, casual, everyday quality on my own. I got your Acting With/German program and nailed it!
   — Neil P., PA

This work is so phenomenal. Thanks to Dr. Stern!
   — Brian H. NY

I love learning American accents and I find David Alan Stern's accent programs very interesting and educational.
   — Robert N, UK

I am a ventriloquist who is always developing new characters. Your programs are invaluable!
   — Darren G, UT

Dr. Stern’s materials are so awesome. They’re broken down into such simple steps that the person can reach his/her goal.
   — Elizabeth BN, TX

Listened to your radio interview of 2007. You are such a gifted linguist. It truly amazed me.
   — Kathleen H, CA

I purchased your Boston accent CD last year and was very impressed. Look forward to improving my British.
   — Terrance F, NY

We adore your programs!
   — Nancy N, MT

Thank you so much Peggy and Dialect Team. Appreciate the great customer service.
   — Neeraj P, NV

Love to order your CDs. Been a user and a fan for years!
   — Elena M-V, SC

Mr. Stern is simply the best. Thank you!!
   — Scott K, CA

Greatest approach I've ever seen. I'm blown away by his placement-of-resonance work. I'm thrilled with his stuff.
   — Michael A, FL

I have used your work for productions of The Secret Garden and Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 and bought the whole collection for the Cate School in CA when I ran their theatre program. I hope our paths cross sometime, as I am very impressed by and reliant on your work!
   — Robert K, CT

Thank you very much, your Standard British has been an enormous help to me. I am usually besieged by at least two homesick English at every performance, demanding to know where in England I REALLY come from.
   — Cecelia U, born, raised and still in the Los Angeles area, CA

My kids (students) love these CDs!
   — Antoinette W, CA

Love this - a joy. Is David British?
   — Frances V, MA

The play went great. Everyone loved my German accent. Many asked me if I was from Germany! Thank Dr. Stern.
   — Dan B, NC

I've been using your program (The Sound & Style of American English) with students at the English Institute here at Tulsa University with great success.
   — Ginny S, OK

I, and my clients, have been more than satisfied with your products.
   — Felix D, NY

These programs are the best. I've been a working actor for 18 years and these are the best. Thank you.
   — Tom K, GA

I am sold on your accent reduction program. I am teaching ESL here in Tulsa and plan to take your program to Asia when I go there to teach in the fall.
   — Norm M, OK

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