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Speech Improvement

for teachers, actors, broadcasters, executives, politicians, clergy

Voice Improvement — Voice and Diction — Voice Projection
Vocal Resonance — Voice and Speech — Vocal Aesthetics

The Speaker's Voice

The Speaker's Voice - Click For Enlargement


Newly Revised, Expanded & Recorded

A Self-Instructional Course in Aesthetic Voice Improvement

Three 80-minute CDs with companion text/drill manual

This program will help you achieve a stronger, more pleasant, more expressive speaking voice, free of vocal fatigue, pain, or potential injury.

You will learn techniques to:

Relax your Vocal Mechanism
Breathe Properly for Speech
Create Voice Without Tension (including Tension-Free Intonation and Vocal Projection)
Avoid Boring, Monotone Speech
Develop Full-Cavity Resonance & Articulation Energy

Speech Pathologists/Voice Instructors:
The Speaker's Voice is ideal for private clients or as a resource or "textbook" for voice and diction courses. Quantity discounts are available.

Price: $23.95


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