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Dialect Reduction

for those with American Regional Accents

Regional Dialect Reduction — Non-Regional American Accent
Standard American Dialect — Speaking Without a Regional Accent

Speaking Without An Accent

Speaking Without An Accent - Click For Enlargement

NEW and ENHANCED Editions

All 8 Titles now Available on CD!

CDs with manuals teaching non-regional muscularity, resonance, and pronunciation to speakers with the following regionalisms:

Newly Recorded, Revised, and Expanded:
(2nd Editions, 2007/2009)

  • African-American
  • New York City and Surrounding Areas
  • American South and Texas

Remastered and Enhanced for CDs:

  • Chicago, Detroit, & Great Lakes Regions
  • Boston & Eastern New England Regions
  • Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delmarva
  • Mid-West Farm Belt
  • And a special articulation tape:
    Can be used as a follow-up to any of the first seven tapes, or to improve the diction of those without distinctive regionalisms.


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